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9 Tips to Make Sure You Always Have an Organized Pantry

We’ve all been there before. You’re flipping through a magazine or scrolling through Pinterest, and you see your dream kitchen. The decor is flawless, the color combination is perfect, and the organization is top-notch.

While a complete kitchen remodel takes a great deal of time and can be pricey, there are things you can do to take your kitchen up a level or two in an afternoon! Projects such as lining your cabinets, reconfiguring your countertop decor and small appliances, and organizing your pantry are easy and can make your kitchen feel brand new.

If you need a little help along the way, you’re in the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to create an organized pantry that will make all of your Pinterest dreams come true.

Keep reading to learn more!

1. Clear Out the Clutter

There’s no question about it: clutter is offensive to the senses. So the first step in any organizational endeavor is to clear it all away. It will take some time, but emptying out your pantry entirely, throwing out any expired items or empty packaging as you go, is a must.

Once you’ve eliminated the clutter, you can get started organizing what you will actually be storing in your gorgeous new pantry.

2. Utilize Glass Jars

Not only are they easily lost among the chaos of a disorganized pantry, but ripped boxes and half-empty bags are unsightly. You did all that work decluttering your pantry, the last thing you want to do is make it look like a jumbled mess again.

That’s where glass jars come in! Purchase a variety of sizes (although having the same style of jar across the board is a plus), and fill them with all of your dry goods.

Place foods like pasta, grains, beans, even small snacks, into the jars and label them appropriately. Voila! No more crumpled, impossible to store neatly, bags. Not to mention, your pantry will be a thousand times more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Hooks Are Handy

Some bagged items shouldn’t be put into jars, such as chips and crackers. Think about it – do you really want your kids trying to heft a glass jar off the shelf to get their afternoon snack? Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!

Instead, install hooks along the side of your pantry, then hang the bags of snacks from them using chip clips. This will free up shelf space, keep your snacks looking neat, and prevent little hands from coming into contact with breakable glass jars.

4. Use Baskets to Your Benefit

Baskets are a great organizational tool for any type of closet, but especially pantries. Now, you don’t want to use baskets as a catch-all – your pantry might look tidy at first glance, but you’ll still struggle to find things when you need them.

Do purchase baskets that keep their contents out of sight, but be sure to designate a certain type of item for each. Put all of your cereal boxes into one basket, for example, or label one for fruit snacks and other packaged treats. 

5. Install a Door Organizer

One of the best things you can do to keep your pantry organized is to keep the items actually touching your shelves to a minimum. Along with jars and baskets, consider adding a door organizer to hold smaller items such as spices.

Spices are also an important item to keep clearly visible, as it’s all too easy to miss one of those tiny jars and make an unnecessary purchase. Displaying them neatly in an organizer will save you money on top of keeping your pantry orderly.

6. Chalkboard Paint is Your Friend

What better way to make your pantry doors useful than with chalkboard paint! Be sure to paint the inside of the doors and not the outside. That way, if you’re handwriting isn’t the neatest, you can close the pantry and the blank side will be visible.

Write things like your shopping list and meal plan for the week on the door, you might even lower the number of times you’re asked: “what’s for dinner?” When you’re done, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth and you have a fresh canvas!

7. Save Corner Space with Lazy Susans

Lazy Susans are one of the best organizational items you can get for your pantry. By putting any awkward items that would get buried in the back or bottom of a basket on a lazy Susan, you’ll be able to see them clearly while keeping them in order.

Lazy Susans are ideal for the corners of your pantry and cabinets, as you can store several items in one area without it looking chaotic.

8. Remember Your Recipes

Putting all of your dry goods into jars looks great – there’s just one problem. You lose all of the instructions that come on the packaging. Well, there are a couple options available to solve this problem.

You can write the recipe down and tape it to the underside of the lid, or using a label maker, create stickers that show what the item is and how to cook it. Then stick the label to the side of the container and you never have to Google cooking times and temperatures again!

9. Organize Shelves Intuitively

At this point, you have all of your baskets and containers filled, it’s time to put them on the shelves. When doing this, it’s best to not think too long – by arranging your shelves intuitively, you’ll find that it’s much easier to locate your items.

A good rule of thumb is to place any seldom-used items on the highest shelves, items used most often at eye-level, and kid-friendly items lowest. 

Stay On Top of Your Organized Pantry

You can spend hours, even days, tidying your pantry, but if you don’t stay on top of it, your organized pantry will become a mess once again in the blink of an eye. Know each item’s home and put it back where it belongs as soon as you’re done with it.

If you live with family, particularly if you have children, teach them about the system you created and explain that they need to do their part in keeping the pantry neat. With small children, you may have to go behind them to ensure things are stored where you want them. But as long as you keep a watchful eye on your organizational masterpiece, your pantry should always be in good order!

Once you’re done sorting out your pantry, be sure to check out our blog for more pantry and closet beautification tips!

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9 Custom Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Make the Most of Your Small Space

What if you could still have big dreams for a small kitchen?

When we think about remodeling kitchens, most of us think about the giant kitchen renovations that we see on TV. And if you’re rocking a much smaller kitchen, it’s easy to feel left out.

That ends today, though. Because with the right tips, your small kitchen remodel can help you make the most out of your space. Here are a few of our absolutely favorite tips.

1. Statement Lighting

Making a small space seem bigger is a bit of an optical illusion. And one way to pull this off is to invest in some statement lighting.

In general, statement lighting draws visitors’ eyes. They will be too busy checking out the fancy lighting to notice cramped and cluttered shelves. And you can make the lighting more appealing by investing in fancier (and possibly even colored) light bulbs.

Remember, placement is everything. Where you put these lights will either make the kitchen look bigger or throw its small size into stark relief.

2. Sliding Cabinets

Earlier, we mentioned the kitchen looking cluttered. So, what’s making your small kitchen look cluttered? Typically, this includes things like appliances and pantry items that are taking up a lot of visible space.

One easy renovation to help you deal with this is installing sliding cabinets. These help you tuck everything “out of sight,” instantly making the space look larger. At the same time, the sliding cabinets make it easy to access these items whenever you need them.

To top this effect off, get some storage bins and use them to hide items you don’t take out very often. The end result is fewer things taking up space!

3. Sprawl Those Walls

Not every small kitchen renovation is about making the area look bigger. Some of the best renovations, in fact, are all about helping you maximize your space.

That’s why you should look for opportunities to creatively use wall space. If you have a blank wall, you can have a professional add things like drink stations or extra cabinets. This turns an area that previously had no purpose into an extension of your available space.

The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with your wall space.

4. Extra Cabinet Storage

It often feels like we never have enough space inside our cabinets, especially in a small kitchen. If you currently suffer from this problem, then it may be time to start looking “up!”

For example, the top of your cabinets is a great place to store kitchen appliances, large jars, and other things that take up a lot of space. This instantly makes your cabinet space much more useful.

You can turn the items on the shelves into part of your renovation aesthetic as well. Place several metal appliances up top and you’re well on your way to creating a “mixed media” kitchen aesthetic! 

5. Rolling Cart

If the kitchen space is small, then you don’t really have room for a kitchen island. Your best solution, then, is to get a rolling cart for the kitchen.

Such a cart fills many of the roles that a traditional island would normally fill. It is the perfect place to season meat, arrange plates, or just temporarily store the ingredients for an upcoming meal.

And as a rolling cart, you can wheel this out of the way whenever you need to. That way, you get all the functionality without permanently wasting space.

6. Display Utensils

Some of these renovation ideas help you save space and some of them help you make your space look better. But what if one idea could help you do both?

Try taking some of your most commonly-used utensils out of the drawer. Next, use an S-hook to attach them to an area such as a beaded board backsplash. The end result is something tasteful, clever, and unique.

As an added bonus, you’ll be able to find and access each utensil that much more easily!

7. Reduce and Simplify

Sometimes, the best renovation ideas are also the simplest. Before you do anything really drastic with your kitchen, you need to pare down as much as humanly possible.

This process usually involves brutal honesty. Does your family of 3 really need all those plate sets and a small mountain of bowls? Honestly, you can throw most of this out.

When the smoke clears, you’ll have more shelf space than ever before. And who knows? This could help you jumpstart a spring cleaning for your entire home.

8. Hidden Prep Station

One of the biggest small kitchen concerns involves counter space. It seems like there is never enough space for your needs. But what if you could cheat and add extra space?

You can get creative and add a hidden prep station underneath one of your existing counters. All you need is a butcher board with a hole in the middle that rolls from under the counter. Place a garbage can under that hole and you now have a prep station you can access at any time.

This is one of our favorite recommendations simply because it looks great and saves so much time and space.

9. Chalkboard Paint Is Your Friend

We’ve talked about building extra cabinets and placing things on top of cabinets. But there is one more thing that cabinets are good for: a new coat of paint!

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you repaint all your cabinets. Instead, you should put some chalkboard paint on the end of a row of cabinets.

As the name implies, chalkboard paint allows you to then write on the surface with chalk. You can use this space to write down reminders, ingredients, important dates, or just special messages to your loved ones.

It’s fun, functional, and adds a welcome splash of personality to any small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Remodel: What Are You Waiting For?

Now you know the best tips for a small kitchen remodel. But do you know who can make your every remodel and renovation dream come true?

We specialize in architecture and interior design, and we love to make renovation dreams come true. To learn what we can do for you and your kitchen, contact us today!

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Custom Door Miami

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What is a Door? Doors have become every more important. With a door, you can guard your home, but you can also have an entrance with style. With a fully customized door that matches your needs, you will have a unique and styling high quality door no one else possesses. Mixing these components together, you will get your custom door like no other. In Summary, you will get a custom door to guard your home or office in style!

We will craft your custom door to your needs. Before we start the crafting process, we can give you detailed information about our products. There are many different factors and components that must be considered before ordering your custom door.

Miami is a hot place, so weather factors can have some influence on certain wooden doors. To find out which door could match your area, our experts will check and give you some advice on that topic. At the end, you, the customer will have the final word on what the door should look like and how it will be made. From wooden doors to massive steel doors, we do have something for everyone at our shop. From simple door designs to complex custom doors, the needs of your clients will be fully satisfied once they see the possibilities that Armadi has with its custom doors!

Armadi custom doors in Miami

We at Armadi can offer you a lifelong experience of custom products. Our Custom doors are made with great knowledge and experts, that know how to handle such complex builds like doors that work. With our help, you can get that door that’s better looking than your neighbor’s doors. At the end, you will have a unique custom door no one else has.

Feel free to contact us about or custom doors, we are glad to help and find the matching product for you!

A custom door can be the first step to a fully customized house. Next to doors, there are many other parts of your interior that can be customized. Ask our Experts about furniture customization!

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Custom furniture Miami

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If you are looking for high quality custom furniture in Miami, you came to the right place. Statewide, there has been a high demand on custom created furniture, yet not every company can deliver the best product. But what is he „best custom furniture “? To answer this question, we need to look at what custom furniture is.

Custom furniture differs from your standard catalogue furniture’s that you can order at any big furniture reseller. Customization is important for many Americans these days. Individual products that differ from your neighbor, is something everyone wants. With custom furniture you can decide what it should look like, which components should be added and the actual furniture size. If you put all these factors together, you have one big individually composed product.

With that in mind, Armadi Furniture can help you find the matching product for your needs! We can offer you a big variety of unique, modern and high-quality custom furniture. Give your home a special look – say goodbye to old and boring looking furniture. Make your living Space something special, we will be glad to help you achieve that goal!

You can’t install the custom furniture on your own? No Problem, we will just come by your place and install your custom furniture for you. In a few simple and easy steps, your custom furniture will be installed at your place by our furniture Experts.

Custom Furniture at Armadi Furniture

Armadi Furniture is a company located in Miami. Our international Experts can offer you their expertise all around the topic of furniture. Our many years long experience can be an important help factor, when you are looking for the best custom furniture that one can buy. Even if you need help in finding the right product or tips and ideas for your customized furniture’s, we will be there and help you through this exciting process! Therefore, feel free to contact us to gain additional information about our custom furniture or any other inquiries you might have. Our Team of Furniture Experts will be glad to help you all the way!

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Custom closets in Miami

Custom Closets in Miami

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Why it is better to have a custom closet

A closet is literally defined as a wardrobe or a cupboard that is designed to store things. It usually comes with a door or a handle.  By design, the most popular type of closet is a fitted closet that is built into the walls of the house. They’re popular because they take literally no space of the room, even if they are a part of that room. They take the space of the walls. Some closets are also built under stairs or tall places that usually go unused. These closets are called cubby-holes. An attic sometimes acts as a closet too, though it entirely depends on the residents of the house and their lifestyle.

Fun fact: back in 17th century, the word closet was used to mean toilet. Modern day Indian English still uses closet to mean ‘toilet’.

Here are some type of closets:

  • Airing cupboard – a closet with a water heater
  • Broom closet – a closed that stores cleaning items
  • Coat closet – a closet that stores coats, hoodies, clothes and other accessories to protect from the cold or rain.
  • Linen-press closet – a closet that is designed for towels, washcloths, etc.
  • Wardrobe – a very small closet that is designed to store clothes.


And finally, a custom closet. Custom closet is a unique type of closet that is designed to help you – the user – save your inner-self by becoming everything ever wanted it to be. You can put all your custom furniture inside too.

Why choose a custom closet?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider yourself getting a custom closet for your home or for your office workplace:

1.      Different types of shelving

Shelving is the support system that helps you divide the closet into different sections, or divisions. These are also known as shelves. There are three unique types of shelving systems for custom closets, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

Wire Shelving – The most balanced type of shelving is wire shelving. As the name suggests, wire shelving uses a wire to make different shelves. It is not very difficult to install, but can’t hold much weight.

Woof Shelving – The toughest type of shelving is wood shelving. Though sturdier than wire shelving and can handle more weight, it is more expensive. Considerably more expensive, if you’re living in an area where wood is expensive.

Tube Shelving – The easiest to install shelving is tube shelving. It is basically like a LEGO version of shelving. You should need to combine or move a few pieces and you’re done.

If you order a custom closet, you can choose any of these types of shelving, howsoever you wish.

2.      Is cheaper in the long run

Furniture is one of the many few things that should be carefully thought out before buying. And custom closets are even more difficult to think about. I mean, sure: custom closets may cost more initially, but they are cheaper in the long run. Repairing and mending the broken parts of a custom closet are easier than trying to repair a stock closet.

Plus, you don’t need to go shopping for rare parts if you know what kind of material you designed your closet from.

3.      Look visually more appealing

Custom furniture look more appealing visually. Because they’re customized according to your needs, you can install and modify anything you wish, according to your needs. And we all know that you have excellent design sense.

4.      Can become more spacious

Custom closets are more spacious than normal closets. This is because these closets will fit all the walls and sides of the room you’re placing it in. The more the space, the better for you in the long-run, after all.

5.      It will last longer

Custom closets may last longer than normal stock closets. Just think about it. One of the most factor to consider here is the fact that you can choose what type of material you can use for your closet. Whether it be made from wood, or stone. Heck, if you’re a Minecraft player, you’ll want a diamond closet.

6.      Become popular in the neighborhood

If you’re looking for something that might help you become the coolest family in the neighborhood, look no further. Custom furniture are really special and are custom-built according to your needs. You can then invite your neighbors to your house and flex your modern designs in front of them.

7.      Lets your imagination run wild

In the 21st century, humanity has all the tools that it’ll need to build the closet of your dreams. Want a smart closet that opens and closes to your commands? DONE! Want a closet that will never open unless you say the secret passcode? DONE! Nothing’s impossible in the modern society.


Where to buy Custom Closets?

If you have finally decided that you are going to buy a custom furniture, we have the ultimate destination for you. Introducing Armadi Furniture. Armadi Furniture offers a ton of different closets, each following the same theme: Modern Miami.

Our closets are designed in many shapes, and sizes, but most importantly: our closets are made entirely for you.

Armadi Furniture designs the most beautiful, modern custom closets with plenty storage room for everything. We make use of some of the finest quality wood and our team of experts furnish it smoothly with a stunning finish.

Contact us in Miami to take a look at some of the best custom closets that might be available anywhere in the US.

We assure you that you will be pleased with our services and we have a well experienced team of designers to help you build the best closets for your unique home. Just share the ideas that you have in mind and the experts will assure to convert your imaginations into reality.

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Wall Unit with Wall Beds

Custom Furniture in Miami

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What to consider while getting custom furniture

The most basic definition of furniture is movable objects. Some of the most common furniture includes chairs, stools, tables, beds and sofas.
Furniture has been an integral part of human society for as long as history remembers. The earliest of the furniture were rocks, tree stumps and other natural objects. Then around 30,000 years ago from current age, humanity started carving their own furniture out of rocks and trees.

Today’s furniture is made from many materials, including metal, wood and plastic.

Furniture is very important for living a stable life. Furniture is used for many things like sleeping, storing stuff, sitting and other basic activities. With the growth in science and human culture, man has developed different types of furniture and has also somehow linked furniture with religion. Man must have thought “Hey, we can make a religion out of this” and boom! A new religion is born!

In the recent years, the demand for custom closet has risen over the roof. If you’re looking to buy custom furniture, here are some of the things you should know:

How to choose a custom furniture?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider buying a custom furniture for yourself and for your home:

1.      Custom means handpicked

Furniture is a very crucial thing for others in determining how you actually are, as a person. Strangers often judge a person by the clothes that person is wearing. Similarly, people who visit your home will judge you the furniture you are using. With the recent growth in culture and the introduction of new ideas and labors, finding a piece of furniture that fits your exact needs is tougher than finding a needle in a haystack.

2.      Saves time

If you’re thinking that it’ll take more time to order a custom closet, think again. Stock furniture may arrive early, but it’ll probably take you several weeks before you can decide what kind of furniture suits your needs and mindset completely. You can design every nook of your custom furniture, ultimately saving time for yourself and your future.

3.      Pay attention a complete theme

One of the main pros of having a custom furniture is the fact that you can have a complete theme for your house. If you’re a Pokémon enthusiast, you can order a Pikachu plushie, and a few other Pokémon related items and become the Pokémon Master of your dreams. Or you can go with a sci-fi setting and get yourself equipped with some really shiny stuff.

4.      It is better to buy smart furniture

The world is heading towards automation. Everything is automated these days. There is no difference in furniture too. You can add different devices to make your furniture move on your own will too. And then you can ask Alexa to play Despacito and the whole room will start dancing. Sounds pretty neat, doesn’t it?

5.      You can choose your size

Whether you want large furniture to fit your bungalow, or small miniature sized furniture that helps your apartment feel cozy and comfortable, custom furniture is the way to go. Stock furniture is available for only certain sizes, and there is a very big chance that it’ll not look good in your one room apartment.

6.      You can use space smartly

By choosing your size of furniture, you are the main factor behind choosing what you wish to choose for your room. If you have a big bungalow, you’ll want a different piece of furniture for different jobs. Otherwise, the bungalow will look empty and sad.

For a small room or building though, you’ll want to prefer maximum functionality in the smallest packet possible. Why not design a bed that has a sliding closet beneath it? Or something mechanical? Your imagination is the limit on what you can have done for your furniture.

7.      It will be worth the money you spend

You’re not ordering knock-off phones from China. Neither are you buying fast fashion goodies that are really inexpensive. You’re actually paying a lot of people to build a furniture that suits your needs completely. Your wish is literally their command. Your wishes don’t come cheap, now do they? The prices of custom furniture sure might be really hurtful, but they’re something that you have to deal with, if you want custom stuff.

But on the bright side, you’ll probably not need to buy furniture again for a couple years or even decades.

8.      You choose your material

Best thing about custom furniture is that you can choose your own material to get your furniture made out of. No more need to worry about buying “high quality” furniture that turns out to be made from really weak wood. You can literally ask to get your furniture made out of anything you desire. Even diamond! The one from Minecraft obviously!


Where to buy Custom Furniture?

If you think that you are ready to buy custom furniture, look no further. Armadi Furniture has the best furniture for your needs. Armadi Furniture offers a very huge variety of custom furniture, all following the same theme: Modern Miami.

Armadi Furniture is a premium modern custom furniture store in South Florida. Since ArmadiFurniture was established, we have succeeded in meeting the requirements of many people and therefore guarantee customer satisfaction.

By utilizing state of the art technology we guarantee that all of our premium furniture is of the highest possible standard. Everything is built using high quality material and we can assure you we are the top manufacturer of custom closet in Miami.

Contact us in Miami to take a look at some of the best custom furniture available anywhere in the US.

We assure you that you will be pleased with our services. We have a well-experienced team of designers to help you build the best furniture for your unique home.



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Custom furniture in Miami

Dark Cement Project

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custom closets with LED


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LED Closet

LED Closet

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Modern Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen in MIami

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Advantages Of Custom And Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design is an important aspect of your kitchen. If you know how to cook and use the kitchen often then you should know about the great benefits of custom cabinets. This cabinet style provides you with various convenient options. Custom cabinets for the kitchen are easy to use, flexible and at the same time they provide a lot of storage space. Custom cabinets provide space for arranging and keeping all the kitchen equipment, utensils and other items, so that they are not scattered all over the kitchen. It helps in making use of the entire space. Custom kitchen cabinets solve all of your storage problems if they are manufactured according to plan, new fashion and demands that fit the storage requirements.

Refurbishing and remodeling a kitchen with the help of fashionable custom kitchen cabinets is simple. With various options for color, style and materials you can easily remodel your kitchen according to its interior. You just have to make a plan. Everything else will be handled by the craftsmen who will construct everything for you.

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Telescopic doors

Telescopic system doors

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Telescopic system doors

Armadi’s Telescopic System Doors are available in a wide variety of colors, adapting to every existing color scheme. Home renovations can become exceedingly expensive. As families grow, their house sizes must expand at an equal rate. With Telescopic System Doors, a contractor won’t be required to demolish existing walls or create new structures. They are easy to install and can maximize a house’s available space. Anybody can turn their three bedroom, two bathroom house into a four bedroom, three bathroom house with the simple addition of Telescopic System Doors.

Armadi Furniture

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